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LED Lighting

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LED lighting is here to stay, having said this let’s don’t forget that technology is always on the move; not too long ago we thought that fluorescent lighting was the big thing, well flourescent light fixtures are really good, energy efficient and affordable in price and after all is still a good choice.However when we choseĀ LED lighting there are some important factors that we have to considerĀ for instance:
Efficacy: Related to # of lumens produced per watt used by the light fixture components; a higher number of lumens produced per watt indicate a very efficient light fixture.

Color rendering Index: You probably heard the CRI term, well this is a measure in how well a light source renders the colors or how well we see all the colors present in a room, picture, fabric, etc.
Tip: When you pick a LED light make sure it’s CRI is above 90.
Now we will talk about another factor or advantage called:
Correlated Color Temperature or CCT, putting this in plains words it is the spectrum of the temperature being seen from colors going from reddish, orange, white or blue or what many people call soft warm, warm, white or cool white (regular incandescent light bulbs produce warm light). Another advantage is the control we have over any LED light source, we can dim it, control a light wireless, wired, remote, etc. and finally flexibility, they come in different shapes, styles, technologies depending on the type of driver being used.

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